Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

“Liberty and justice for all” is a divine idea – pure essence. It is universal potential and unformed creation. It lives within the “one mind common to all individual men.”1 When one affirms this idea, movement within the cosmic field of infinite possibilities begins to formulate it into existence.  Depending on the embodiment 2 of the affirmation, and coupled with ensuing action, the idea becomes a universal experience.   

I notice whenever I see the slightest evidence of my faith being realized, I have a tendency to retreat to my comfort zone, affirming all is well. To the degree that I withdraw, the motion of creation subsides.   I must stay the course.

For example, several years ago a labyrinth was created for my backyard.  As I traveled the circling path in meditation, I would sometimes imagine all the people on earth walking with me. Together we would chant:

We Are One! We Are One! ~ In the Spirit, we are One!
Let the love flow, So, the world will know, ~ We are one in Love.

In time, the structure began to reflect the wear and tear of the seasons of wind, rain and storm.  Not liking how it looked, I uprooted it and covered all the twists and turns of my daily walk with topsoil.

 Recently, Chris and I were talking about my yard (called, “the sanctuary”) and she said to me, “you know, even though you cannot see the labyrinth, it is still there.”   Those words catapulted me into a contemplative meditation. 

 I asked myself, where did you leave off in the process-in-healing; or, have you forgotten? When the atmosphere of your soul got scary, what unresolved feelings and emotions were covered up, so everything would look pretty and in place? 

With many feelings and emotions still well-covered I practice the art and science of Spiritual Mind Treatment 4 for the purpose of peace on earth and good will towards all people. I affirm ‘there is only One Infinite Life; that Life is Love and that Life of Love is my life right now and is the life of everyone.’ In moments of realization, I KNOW there is no separation; all apparent inequities are the out picturing of ignorance and limitation.   The limerick of my childhood affirms this awakened awareness:

Red, brown, yellow, Black and white;
They are all precious In His sight.

Then I am reminded of Ernest Holmes’ words, “(Treatment) is not a process of saying ‘Peace’ when there is no peace.6   I THINK I GOT IT!!! In other words, until my word of truth is seen by all, my work is incomplete.

So, I return to the sanctuary of my being. I walk the labyrinth of life and my path intertwines with all of the so-called “others.” I hear their stories and I tell them mine. Though painful, my unexamined feelings and emotions are now exposed to the Light. We say to one another, “I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it, or fade it, or fix it.” 7

I stay the course.

I affirm the truth; I meditate on the truth; I do spiritual mind treatment about truth.

And, I ask myself, what is mine to do?

This Weeks Affirmation

I know that my good is always wherever I am.
By Keith D. Childers

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