Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

The origin of Halloween is steeped in superstition. Pretending to be a scary entity was for the purpose of blending in with the ghosts that were believed to roam the streets after dark. The people feared their fate if they did not trick these evil ones.  

This reminds me of the Law of Mind in Action and the phenomenon that tricks one into believing there is a power, other than God Power. This perceived notion of duality, or otherness, is the antithesis of The Principle of Oneness. This form of superstition is played out by many humans today.  

For example, during the dark night of the soul, I struggle with the negative traits of my personality that do not match the values I embrace. Not only do I disapprove of these human frailties, I fear if exposed, they may define me. So, I disown them and affirm my perfection. They slip into the subjective parts of my mind and I act as if they never existed. This self-denial, born out of fear, is a defense mechanism called  “spiritual bypassing.1

Actually, these disowned thoughts, beliefs, and emotions continue to be a part of who I am, only hidden and unloved. From time to time they are aroused by some outside stimuli. When triggered, I project them onto others, accusing them of the very thing I do not acknowledge about myself. I blame others for my reactions, saying “they made me angry, scared, shame etc., it’s their fault.”

This hidden aspect of myself tricks me into believing that I am not worthy of a good life. It tricks me into believing that the beliefs and actions of yesterday are unforgivable. They ask, who do you think you are to experience, health, wealth, love, wisdom, and joy?

~ ~ ~ 

When spiritual practices, such as affirmative prayer and meditation, are persistently and consistently followed; and when spiritual principles are deliberately and consciously applied in the everyday occurrences of life, a breakthrough in consciousness is inevitable. These processes align me with the Absolute Truth that proclaims: there is God, only God, and nothing else.

When the light of dawn appears, I see clearly who I am. I remove the mask of fear and limitation. The ghosts of the night are simply shadows of my own consciousness. They remind me of the abandoned potential within me. I am no longer tricked into believing there is a power against me.  Self-love is the sweet treat that comforts my soul.

I now take responsibility for the unique being that I am. I am divinely guided as I courageously face the fear of darkness. Step by step I forgive myself and anyone that I have accused of being less than divine.  I now realize: “for every human aberration, there is a spiritual aspiration trying to break through.” I reclaim that which I abandoned.  

By the renewing of my mind, the energy of the former things is now transformed into my highest idea of good. 

More and more angels and fairies and super heroes appear at the door of my consciousness.  The scary ones who show up are treated with Love, causing their true nature, hidden behind the mask, to be revealed.

I now practice unity and oneness with every living being. It is Unconditional Love expressing when I Wear a mask, when I Watch my distance, and when I Wash my hands.  

Enjoy Halloween, stay safe and stay well.

This Weeks Affirmation

I unmask any sense of separation from my Source and dwell in the arms of Love with all of humanity.
By Angela “Chris” Beam

3 thoughts on “A SEASON OF MASKS

  1. Thank you Rev Mary for discussing such an important topic. This idea of skipping over the hard stuff and jumping into joy and light. The big question is What do you do with hard stuff? I don’t want to feed it or ignore it. So what I think is the answer is to acknowledge it as my experience. Perhaps cry my tears, write out or shout out my rage then release it knowing this is not the Truth. Releasing the emotion and claiming Truth. I hope you respond to comments. Blessings


    1. What do you do with hard stuff? The” hard stuff” are beliefs and concepts based on erroneous thought patterns. Just as you would love a child who needs discipline; love that part of yourself enough to raise the vibration of your thought-energy. The spiritual practices already mentioned as well as journaling (writing about) your true motives are helpful. Fighting the shadow is futile. Loving its potential heals.


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