Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

“We envision humanity awakening to its spiritual magnificence and discovering the creative power of thought; a world where each and every person discovers his/her own personal power and ability to create an individual life that works within a world that works for everyone.”
 ~ Global Vision for Centers for Spiritual Living ~

~ ~ ~ ~ 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~ Rumi ~

~ ~ ~ ~ 

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  ~ Michelangelo ~ 

I love the line from Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s poem, The Invitation, where she poses the question, “Can you see beauty even when it’s not pretty?

The one who is willing to dive deeply into the inquiry will discover an awesome lesson about the nature of being; one that becomes a transformative factor that yields something wonderful every time. For example, when we affirm that God is all there is, and that one of Its qualities is Beauty, it stands to reason that Beauty is as omnipresent as God. This is true about all the qualities recognized as The Divine; e.g., Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Beauty, and so on. These are all eternal verities, the inherent nature of every living being. The question is, do we see these qualities operating in the world even when the appearance and experience suggest otherwise?

The adversity in the world cannot be denied; so, how do we reconcile the concept of omnipresent goodness while observing tangible evidence that suggests otherwise? Once we gain insight about this dilemma, we begin to realize the ancient wisdom of scripture that tells us about “false evidence appearing real.”

~ ~ ~ ~

Emma Curtis Hopkins tells us that all of nature is driven by an instinctive impulse that declares “There’s good for me and I ought to have It.” However, as long as there is the belief that humanity is made up of separate beings struggling for their ‘fair share’ of life, rather than an awareness of our unity in the One Presence; our creative efforts have a tendency to be distorted. The unconscious belief that some “other” is standing in our way of our “good” causes fear, competition, not-enough-ness, and all manner of low self-esteem. This false belief has the tendency to conceal the original motivating factor. 

Some wise one has said that for every human aberration, there is a spiritual aspiration trying to break through. In other words, every flaw (sin?) that is not pretty is evidence of one’s missing the mark or being out of alignment with the Original and, Unchanging Source. The visionary pierces the veil of illusion and sees the beauty that is trying to express. 

~ ~ ~ ~

You may begin right now envisioning the good that’s trying to express and give gratitude for it. What we praise has a tendency to increase. In so doing, the Invisible Forces of Peace, Harmony, Love, Wisdom, Beauty, and Joy begin to flow through your life experiences, revealing fulfilling relationships; wellness in your body temple; success in your career and creative endeavors; abundance in your finances; and peace of mind in all your comings and goings. 

The good news is, it doesn’t matter how long we have been hypnotized by error thinking and action. The underlying Principle that governs all life is intact. We may begin right now claiming the sincere desires of our hearts.  Soon, as visionaries, it becomes clearer and clearer what is ours to do that contributes to a world that out pictures peace on earth and goodwill toward all. 

This Week’s Affirmation

“I know, despite any seeming disparity, the Good is always (all ways) there if I choose to see.”

by Judy Hilley

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