GOD’S WILL: My Free Will

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

I notice that the idea of “God’s Will” keeps coming to the surface of my consciousness, demanding my attention and greater clarity while I navigate a life of conscious living. I find that I must continue to explain to myself what I really mean when I use or hear this term.

~ ~ ~ ~

In my formative years, I heard things that implied that God’s will and my will were separate. For example, it was a common belief that the experiences of sickness, death, tornados, and such were God’s will, all serving a purpose in some great cosmic plan. Or, they were God’s way of punishing humankind for some mis-take they had made along the way. On the other hand, my will was selfish, desiring material things and physical experiences that would bring me personal pleasure, and this displeased God. At least, this is what I think I heard.

All this kind of thinking precipitates the idea of God being an anthropomorphic being; i.e., one having human characteristics – moody, unpredictable, revengeful, and secretive. 

Today, these kind of thoughts about God are so removed from my conscious mind that it seems ridiculous to even mention them. Yet, they bring me to the place of asking myself, “So, what do I mean when I say “God’s Will?”

~ ~ ~ ~

I now know that The Creator of all things, God, is Love and Law.  It is God’s Will, I tell myself, to express Itself. “Love points the way – Law makes the way possible.” (Ernest Holmes) 

This Undeniable Force is always taking place within me.

Love is always First Cause, the invisible idea of good entertained in one’s mind, while “Law is a blind force, and whatever goes into the subjective state of our thought tends to return again as some condition.” (Science of Mind)

For example, when ideas of perfect health, financial sufficiency, the ideal home, or any life-enhancing human experience is desired; it is the consciousness of Love that is pointing the way; the Law sets forth to bring about the specific good, according to one’s mental acceptance.

Because my nature is a projection of God’s nature, I have free will, the freedom to choose my own thoughts and follow my own paths. With this freedom comes the corollary— accountability for the outcomes of the choices I make. For example, ideas of lack, limitation, fear, etc. result in the image and likeness of those particular embodied thoughts. However, it is still Love operating on my behalf because Love only knows Love; and the Law executes my will with exact precision. 

The good news is, each one of us may choose what we are thinking and when we are not satisfied with what is showing up, we may change our thinking and change our lives, “For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears.”  (1 Corinthians: 9, 10)

It is from this awareness that I navigate the waters of life, turning to the Indwelling God time and time to deliver me safely from where I am to where I desire to be.

This Week’s Affirmation

 “I have to believe it, to see it”

By Keith Childers

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