Think! Say! Do!

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

~ “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” ~ 
~  Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

One said, “I fight my battles on my knees.” Another said, “God has not brought us this far to leave us now.”  “Yes”, another agrees, “but, faith without works is dead. We must “treat” and move our feet.” 

Spiritual conviction is the foundation principle that many citizens of the world apply when dealing with the ever-changing appearances of good and evil. 

When the response to negative events is grounded in the awareness that there is a Power for Good in the universe that we can use; there is a tendency to remember the motive of our actions. The motive is always to restore harmony.

Of course, the word “God” is not to imply a Being outside of ourselves ruling the world with an opposing force that “He” must contend; but rather, God, we know, is an indwelling Presence, a Divine Potential of Love, Intelligence, Abundance, and Harmony, to name just a few of Its attributes. 

~ ~ ~ ~

The word, “treat,” in the phrase, “treat and move your feet,” refers to affirmative prayer or spiritual mind treatment. It is a process wherein we tell ourselves the truth of our nature. It breaks down the self-erected barriers that suggest sickness and disease, economic disaster, fear of one another and all kinds of limiting beliefs. It empowers us to take appropriate action with confidence.  

~ ~ ~ ~

I remember awakening to myself and asking, “Who am I?” You may, likewise, recall hearing that still small voice within you ask that question. It is at this juncture of the spiritual path that the truth seeker is ready to make conscious choices about everything they think, say, and do in their quest for self-discovery. The practice begins.

THINK: Contemplative Meditation

When we began to slow down the thoughts we are thinking to the point that we become aware of what we are telling ourselves, we have reached a pivotal point in consciousness for which there is no turning back. It is here in the secret place of ourselves that we separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

SAY: Declare the Truth

Once there is a personal revelation or realization of Truth, it becomes the premise for our reasoning. We begin to tell ourselves the spiritual truth about all people, places, and things. All this is done within our minds, whether silently or audibly spoken.

DO: Walk in the Direction of your Beliefs

Each one of us is a necessary component in creating a world that works for everyone. Our actions are based on our spiritual convictions. 

~ ~ ~ ~

The spiritual warrior wears the full armor of God by acknowledging there is only One Presence and One Power that comprise The One Infinite Life. 

This Week’s Affirmation

“As I contemplate the question of what is mine to do, I know Spiritual Mind Treatment empowers me to move forward with confidence to release all my limiting beliefs.”

Mary Jane LaBonte, RScP

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