Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

In 1984, I resigned my job of 29 years; said good-bye to friends and family; and, with great aspirations and expectations, moved from Cleveland, OH, my home since birth, to Los Angeles, CA.  My sole purpose for this major move was, to surround myself with those who would support my further growth in spiritual understanding, to the end that I would eventually support others on their path.  However noble these undertakings were; nonetheless, my faith and conviction were challenged as I moved forward in this endeavor. 

The mind chatter that taunted me went something like, “if it doesn’t work out, you can always…;” while another aspect of myself, affirmed, “The Presence of Perfection, Love, and Wisdom guides the direction of my life.” This inner conflict between old thought patterns and my conscious awareness continued until there was no longer any power given to thoughts of limitation. 

I have discovered and proved, to myself, that whenever I am awake and aware of my true nature, my self-talk shifts from “prepare for the worse and hope for the best” to describing “the best-case scenario.”  I notice that whenever I am determined to stay awake and anchored in truth principles, the vision that pulls me is always greater than the shadows that taunt me. 

I am called time and time again to wrestle the angel of light until I see through the fog of erroneous beliefs and once again gain the clarity of a clear day. The philosophy of the Science of Mind has taught me that while I may not be responsible for what is happening in the world, I am, however, responsible for my response to world events.  Not only am I called to embrace the high prerogative of spiritual insight, but I am called to act upon that which I know is mine to do.

Rising above the shadows of homelessness; the shadows of hunger and starvation; the shadows of poverty; the shadows of sickness, disease and death; and the shadows of hatred and bigotry require the strength and courage to acknowledge that, yes, I walk among the shadows of the world; and, at the same time, I do not perpetuate and give substance to them by considering the worst-case scenario. Instead, I affirm God’s Wholeness and Sufficiency impart peace on earth and good will toward all beings. 

In other words, I envision a world that works for everyone. Then I contemplate that which is mine to do.

Although, “just like Martin, I have a dream; and just like Gandhi I want peace; and just like Mother Theresa I want love; 1 the songstress goes on to pray for our courage to rise above.  For me, rising above means piercing the veil of materiality, and through the portal of meditation, hang out in the realm of the enlightened ones until I, too, may bring back to earth-consciousness a gift that supports all of humanity. 

This Week’s Affirmation

“There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.” 

By Amanda Gorman

2 thoughts on “COURAGE TO RISE ABOVE

  1. “The vision that pulls me is always greater than the shadow that taunts me.” I love this, it is hope and faith. Thank you Rev Mary


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