HEALING: A Revelation of Truth

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

(Repost) Way back in the 60’s I had an intuitive hit about the healing power of Spirit.  I must admit many of the stories I read during that time about “miracle healings,” were couched in sensationalism.  Nonetheless, they ignited possibility thinking within me.

Up until then, I believed the ability to heal was designated to a chosen few, who were given supernatural powers. I believed any current reports of healings were a hoax, stories steeped in superstition. I’m just saying: this was the mindset I had inadvertently inherited.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

Several years later I read about Phineas Parker Quimby1, a clockmaker of the 19th century, and how he developed his concepts of mental and spiritual healing and health based on the view that illness is a matter of the mind. 

Quimby’s theory introduced me to a new thought on the subject. It was as if I were given permission for the first time ever, to think outside the box for which I had become accustomed. 

I have come to realize there is One Life Principle that governs all life.  The Spiritual Nature of Being is always Whole, Complete, and Perfect. This never changes.  Spirit is The Source and Sufficiency out of which everything flows. It is the Universal Creator. It is the First Cause in the Triune Sequence of Spirit, Mind/Soul, and Body, encompassing all three. Spirit is the Life Principle. I discovered that knowing this Truth is healing power.

I have come to realize The Mind is a Creative Medium, an aspect of the One Spirit, that receives my thought impressions that eventually become the conditions I experience. This is subject to change. I now understand that healing takes place by the renewing of my mind. 

The Body, another aspect of the One Spirit, is the evidence of my thoughts/beliefs made manifest. This is subject to change. The nurturing of my body with proper care is healing

It has become clear to me that until my body and the body of my affairs as well as my mental house are in alignment with the Universal Nature of the One Originating Spirit, I am caught in the syndrome of false belief, manifesting as limitation in my life experience.  

There are awesome therapies to heal both the body and the mind. In addition, I have discovered that the modality called Spiritual Mind Healing, heals the cause of these apparent symptoms. 

Jesus, the Master Teacher, taught this form of healing when he said, “Know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.” (Paraphrasing John 8:32). 

 When I sit in the silence of myself until I reach a point of stillness, I come face to face with my True Self; MY Higher Self; My Christ Consciousness. There are no longer any pairs of opposites.  I AM whole, complete, and perfect. 

The fog is lifted. I see clearly! I am free from every sense of limitation.

The only thing that ever needs to be healed is my sense of separation; i.e., the idea of God and me, instead of, God AS me.  With this awareness, ALL things are possible.

 I bear witness to the former things falling away, and a new day dawning in my life and the life of the world that surrounds me. My body and my mind respond to this enlightenment. I listen to the Indwelling Spirit, and I am divinely guided to do what is mine to do. I practice being an instrument of peace, love, forgiveness, faith, light, and joy 

WOW, this is good stuff!

 1Father of New Thought: https://phineasquimby.wwwhubs.com/

This Week’s Affirmation

” I am alive with the Great Vitality of the Spirit.”

Ernest Holmes (SOM, p.509.2)

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