Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

“A quest is a mission, a task, an adventure, a desire–it sets us down a road which grows our meaning for purpose in life. … Whatever your reason is, a quest is something we cannot ignore.

It hits our core and makes us feel like we must do this no matter what obstacles we will endure to get through it.”

~ Brianna Dawes, Design Artist ~

~ ~ ~ ~

I love talking about and teaching about the Law of Life; that aspect of God that materializes into the exact measure of what each individual believes and accepts to be so. I love exploring, discovering and applying Universal Principles to specific areas of life and bearing witness to the inevitable outcome.

It amazes me that The Word of God is embedded within my very own nature; a creative force within me that is unlimited in its ability to manifest the people, places, and things I have imagined. I am inspired when I realize my Oneness with Infinite Potential.

~ ~ ~ ~

Through trial and error, you may find, just as I have, that it is one thing to talk about the awesome nature of the One Spirit permeating eternity; it is quite another to be about it… all the time. Therefore, being mindful is essential. Remember, the things we desire for ourselves, when aligned with the nature of God, include the highest good for all concerned. Otherwise, the fruit born of limited, selfish thinking, may yield a brief period of satisfaction before it becomes clear that the indwelling Word of God, being infinite, applies to all people.

~ ~ ~ ~

Learning to take responsibility for missing the mark and for the consequences that follow, actually builds faith in the Law. Also, when we learn to quickly forgive ourselves for not knowing what we didn’t know; the sooner we become a clear, conscious conduit, open and receptive to express the highest good imaginable for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Otherwise, if we linger too long in a I “shoulda-woulda-coulda” mindset, letting guilt and self-loathing fester, the longer the sincere desires of the heart are hidden from view.

I have noticed that when the idea of “me in the midst of the “all” begins to expand, I envision myself moving from ego-consciousness that believes it is a separate entity in the world and moving towards the embryonic Christ-consciousness that embraces Oneness as Its reality.

~ ~ ~ ~

Even in this awakened state of mind, I am nonetheless challenged when I tune into the news of the day. One channel depicts my brothers and sisters participating in a turmoil of adversity. Other channels show people caring for the hospitalized; putting out fires; providing for the poor; teaching the children; defending the weak; and, scientists researching greater possibilities for life. I am aware of environmentalists; animal advocates; entertainers; and on and on. No matter what frequency I am attuned, I see the logical outcome of the One Law that has received the direct impress of the individual word.  

~ ~ ~ ~

In the high holy moments of meditation, while immersed in God consciousness, I feel the transforming power of Perpetual Grace pouring over me, saturating my entire being with Its Self.   In the stillness and serenity of the moment, my Higher Self whispers to me that which is mine to do, and the quest begins.

This Week’s Affirmation

I am unlimited creativity always knowing that there is so much more creativity within me just ready to be uncovered.

Keith Childers

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