Practicing The Presence

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

Recently I met a woman who shared with me that she discovered New Thought at her workplace.  She explained that even though her employer never mentioned the spiritual philosophy she embraced, there was something about the way she approached every situation that awakened something within her. It is amazing how, as human beings, we are so delicately inter-connected with each other at the spiritual level that we actually feel the energy another emanates. The woman went on to say she asked her boss what religion she followed. The boss simply answered her question, without any effort to convert her. The woman was so inspired, she did her own research and eventually found a path she was ready to walk.

I love that story. It reminds me of the adage, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.”

The story solidifies the idea within me that practical spirituality is about living the Principles of Truth, all the time, no matter where or what the circumstances may be. Of course, this is a lesson we’ve heard since childhood. My mother would repeatedly say, “just be your (authentic) self.”  Nonetheless, there are times we may be tempted to divide ourselves into compartments. For example, adopting a certain behavior for the workplace; another for our social life; still another for our family; and of course, that special one for our place of worship. A hidden belief may tell us that portraying these different facades is a way to get along with others, to fit in, to be accepted, and a way to get our way.

The Truth is, we are already accepted and we get our way through consistent practice of activating Truth Principles. Just think, the things we desire to attain, whether relationships or objects are infused with the eternal feelings of Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Beauty, Abundance. All these gifts of the Spirit are within each and every one of us. These attributes, when practiced as a way of life, become the guiding light in all that we do, bringing about fulfillment. These attributes are the very essence of who we are. Once we began to consistently practice these principles and values and do not sway, they eventually out picture as the particular desires of our hearts. 

The beautiful part about this practice is, we don’t have to convince anyone outside of ourselves about the merits of such a way of life. The practice itself becomes an irresistible force, wherein nothing unlike it can penetrate and everything like it, is added to it. 

This kind of self-awareness takes time, commitment, and consistency. It means coming face to face with the power within that is the driving force that silently creates the next step on the ever-unfolding path of life and living. This exercise of self-realization is a form of self-care.

Self-care involves nurturing one’s Spirit, Mind, and Body which enables us to stand strong in the Power of God that directs our course. We may start right now, today, and become aware of the feeling of God-inspired ideas flowing in, through, and as us. And in so doing, we are empowered to make a conscious choice to live the more abundant life. 

Remember, just like the woman who felt the Presence of God in her employer; not only does the energy of Unconditional Love bless the one practicing Truth, everyone within the range of such a consciousness, benefits. Peace begins right where each one of us is.

This Week’s Affirmation

​”Today I live knowing I am beauty and love and goodness and allow it spill over to the world!

Judy HIlley

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