Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

In the early 1940’s when I was a young child, my family along with families throughout the country used to gather around the radio and listen to the evening news. There was a lot of turmoil going on in the world at the time. The Great Depression of our country was followed by World War II. 

A famous and beloved news commentator of that era, Gabriel Heatter, had a very distinctive voice and a way of touching the heart.  His nightly broadcast began with the words, “There is good news tonight,” giving a bright and inspiring account of the happenings of the day; or, in contrast, on more somber occasions, he told us, “There is bad news tonight.” He reported what the world looked like to him on any given day. 

America listened with great anticipation as he reported the state of the world as he saw it. He was trusted.  His broadcasting was always from the heart…it was like his voice was echoing our voice; or was our voice echoing his?

There’s no denying that it is a challenge to remain 100% awake and fully conscious all of the time. However, when I am half-awake and not conscious of my own thoughts, feelings and values in the moment, I may become susceptible to another’s viewpoint or mood, especially of those whom I admire and trust; and I may become easily distracted and pulled into the vibration of another’s perception of life. 

~ ~ ~

How I listen, applies to everyone I encounter in this thing called life. When I am “open at the top,” I may learn something new and beneficial. However, as a spiritually motivated person, my responsibility is to remain anchored in my conviction of Truth, lest I am pulled off center, letting the on-going drama of people, places, and things dull my mind into believing that I am caught in an unescapable vortex of fear, hatred and despair.

I have discovered that the information I receive, when properly assimilated, may support me in making crucial decisions when asserting my values as a citizen of the world.  The various viewpoints I hear about the experiences of the world, inform me of the best use of my personal talents, skills and abilities as I move forward participating fully in the evolution of humanity.  

My committed spiritual practice reminds me that I am a spiritual being right here and right now, fully endowed with all that God is. I am reminded that I have the power to let there be light, where there seems to be darkness. I pray.

I pray until the Light of God-consciousness breaks forth in all Its magnificence illuminating my mind with Changeless Truth. I pray until I come to a full realization that anything appearing unlike the nature of the Divine is the result of false beliefs and erroneous concepts about Reality. I pray until I see that every human aberration is a spiritual aspiration trying to break through, come forth and reveal itself.  I pray until I am free and have the courage to do what is mine to do.

This Weeks Affirmation

“I am a spiritual being.  I receive and listen to Divine guidance.”

By Mary Jane LaBonte, RScP

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