Our Purpose Statement

StillPoint is a doorway to the infinite within you.
It is the essence of God and is therefore
pure potential.
It is a state of being within you that has
never been hurt, harmed or disappointed.
It is that part of you that has
never been abused, insulted, molested
or violated in any way.
It is Untouchable You. It is the You that is Intact.
It is Indestructible You.
It is that within you that longs for
and awaits your recognition.
It is StillPoint.
All Are Welcome Here!

Our mission is to facilitate
the movement of consciousness to that
StillPoint within where Truth is imparted;
to provide a sacred space for truth seekers
to come together and explore their spirituality;
and, to provide spiritual tools for successful
living today.

StillPoint is a spiritual center of
Love, Wisdom, Peace and Prosperity.
Here people bond, unify, embrace and
experience a personal sense
of enlightenment and transformation.
StillPoint is a state of consciousness.
StillPoint is a doorway to the infinite.