Living the Vision of Oneness

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

“One small step for man, one giant step for mankind.”
~ Neil Armstrong ~

“Little by little, you will turn into the whole sweet, amorous universe. Love will surely burst you wide open into an unfettered, booming new galaxy.”
~ Hafiz ~

There have always been individuals who have tapped into the Unlimited Potential of the universe and initiated ways and means that added to the further evolution of the planet.  While engaged in their creative endeavor, many of these inventors, artists, and trailblazers remained unknown or were rejected. However, once the positive impact of their work was recognized, many were then viewed as overnight sensations.

These are the ones we hear about, read about, and celebrate…and rightfully so. In many ways their accomplishments are a roadmap for the possibilities stretched before us. While these acts are truly admirable and give us insight into the ever-evolving world that is always revealing the greater-yet-to-be; let us not lose sight that this unfoldment is taking place through each one of us all the time. It is in our nature of Oneness that we each play an intricate part that affects the Whole. 

The realization that the same Genius resides within every one of us is inspiration enough to activate the ideas that bring happiness to our individual lives; i.e., health, fulfilling relationships, prosperity, and creative expression, to name a few.   I have this notion that has become a mantra for me; i.e., that which I know for sure is for my highest good, is the highest good for all concerned. After all, because of our Oneness with the All, we always carry the All with us. 

 The Global Vision of Centers for Spiritual Living offers concepts for successful living. For example, each time we make a decision that provides “enough food, a home, and a sense of belonging,” we lift the consciousness of humanity and become an inspiration that others may follow. When we “forgive others for errors, injustices, or debt,” it establishes an avenue through which God’s grace flows. Each time we “renew our emphasis on beauty, nature, and love through the resurgence of creativity, art, and aesthetics,” our fellow travelers as well as the next generation have a blueprint for “a world in which we live and grow as One Global Family that respects and honors the interconnectedness of all life; a world where this kinship with all life prospers and connects through the guidance of spiritual wisdom and experience.“

That which is ours to do is a driving force that motivates us into action.   Whether it is a life vocation or a single act in life; it always contributes to the whole of humanity. Each one who has persisted in their pursuit, one might say has found the answer to, what is mine to do?  These individuals, (mystics and heroes of a sort), participate in the evolution of humanity. It is like we have received the baton passed on by former generations. In due time, we pass the baton to the next generation of light bearers. 

The raw material that we are dealing with is limitless in its ability to express. It is always expanding into greater and greater possibilities. Each one of us is unfolding into our greater-yet-to-be, while letting there be peace on earth and good will towards all of humanity.  

This Weeks Affirmation

“Today I honor my creative self and allow Spirit to use me for the betterment of all mankind.”

by Judy Hilley

1 thought on “Living the Vision of Oneness

  1. Very affirming message this morning. You reminding us of our Oneness is essential as we work to be our best selves. Thank you!


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