Practical Spirituality

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

The discovery that we really are made in the image and likeness of God, life begins in a new and deliberate way. The God Principle becomes an integral aspect of everyday living. The idea is no longer an abstract concept or metaphor. Of course, as always, I am speaking about my own personal journey of awakening, which seems to be similar to others whose stories I have heard or read about. 

Practical spirituality has always been taught by the enlightened. “Practical spirituality” simply means living your everyday life, moment by moment, based on spiritual truth; i.e., the driving Force of God within you.

Having faith in the nature of spiritual matters without applying them as a way of life is the same as if there is no knowledge of them at all; i.e., “faith without works is dead.”  The Master Teacher taught that when you really know the Truth, it sets you free. In other words, all the human entanglements we find ourselves over and over again are loosed when we apply the principles of spiritual reality to whatever we are facing.

Whenever I contemplate the nature of being, I find using the words ‘principle’ and ‘truth’ synonymously helps me to put things into perspective. It seems to keep me grounded and empowers me to step into my greater-yet-to-be. “Truth,” I find, when spoken in the context of spirituality, means that which is changeless in nature. It is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  It is the very essence of everything seen as well as that which is imagined.

 For example, the true nature of being is always Love, Harmony, Peace, Wisdom, Wholeness, Joy, and all-natural goodness. When the opposite of this goodness shows up in our lives, it is the result of the misapplication or ignorance of the Principle of Truth. 

“Principle,” in the context of science refers to the infallible invisible laws of nature that operate the same for whoever applies them. For example, the familiar principles of electricity, music, and gravity respond to all alike.  Any adverse conditions regarding these natural laws of nature are a result of the misapplication or missing the mark, so to speak. There is never a power punishing us for our mistakes, but rather the natural consequence of “cause and effect” is always taking place. 

Thomas Edison missed the mark thousands of times in his effort to bring light to the world through electricity. However, he knew he was dealing with a principle. Therefore, he understood that it was his responsibility to line up with or agree with how electricity works. Once that agreement was established, and applied, voila’, the desired good was accomplished.

Robert Browning tells us, “All’s Love, yet all’s Law.”  Ernest Holmes explains, “Love rules through Law. Love is the Divine Givingness; Law is the Way. Love is spontaneous; Law is impersonal…Love points the way and Law makes the way possible.”

WAIT! There’s more good news!

“Principle is not bound by precedent.” In other words, the mistakes of yesterday have no bearing on the potential of this present moment, unless we repeat them. Principle is immediate and spontaneous. John Newton discovered this, and shared, “How precious did that grace appear ~ the hour I first believed.”


I am ALWAYS amazing, watch me shine!

Keith Childers

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