Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

Artificial Intelligence (AI) speaks to the phenomenal advancement humanity has made through the science of technology.  For example, I have easy access to information on any subject by simply entering a key word into my computer’s web browser. I may connect with people I have not seen in many years. I may play games, read books, go shopping, attend classes, earn a living, attend church and, you name it, in the comfort of home.

Just think, I tell myself, all of this evolved out of the Infinite Mind of God, the Inexhaustible Source of all human existence. The Great Causation is Divine Energy, for which I am inseparable. I am one with Omniscience. 

Yes, my life is centered in Unlimited Wisdom. It is here, within my own being that I feel, sense and know I am in the presence of God. In the sacred silence of my soul, I travel to dimensions in consciousness where I see my highest dreams as absolute reality.  When I return to my daily living, with an awakened consciousness, I am like that seed upon the wind that Thurman describes as the man with God.

While “surfing the net,” I know I am divinely guided by Pure Spirit. I respond to the intuitive impressions I receive, for I now know my Higher Self speaks through my feelings and emotions. I am endowed with clear insight, agreeing only to that which is for my highest good.

~ ~ ~ ~

This has not always been my experience. A portion of my life was spent living outside-in.  I was unaware that what I saw with my eyes; heard with my ears; touched with my hands; spoke from my mouth; and, smelled through my nose was actually the manifestation of my beliefs.

 One might say, I was like that seed upon the wind that Howard Thurman talks about when referring to a man without God. In this unenlightened state, all of life seemed like one of chance; one of hit and miss; unaware of my freedom to choose my good.

Stand porter at the door of thought.1

“The wise person sees the need to watch his thoughts and accept only those that are good and constructive.” (John H. Williams) In other words, living from inside-out instead of outside-in yield a greater expression of my core values and beliefs, my dreams and aspirations.

My dreams are my personal values. My personal values are those ideals that matter to the degree that they are never compromised, no matter what.  It was Alexander Hamilton who said, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” I begin to notice that the more attention I give to my core values and personal beliefs, the more beauty and joy I experience in life. 

With my attention focused on the inner vision of my heart’s desire, I harness the energy of unconditional love, which in turn, becomes the more abundant life, in full view. My physical senses now express my conscious beliefs.

When I look out upon the world stage and see the cross-currents of collective beliefs and hear the opinions of opposing viewpoints that out-picture as the good, the bad, and the ugly; I turn inside and ask my Higher Self, what is mine to do?

Soon I see the wheat separating from the chaff. I choose the direction of my energy. My core values and beliefs begin to flood my mind. I slip into meditation and align myself with the nature of Peace, Harmony, Love, Wisdom, Beauty, Joy, and Wholeness. I recognize my Self living in the celestial dimensions of God-consciousness. 

This Weeks Affirmation

I see the perfection of God in all there is and speak my word in unyielding faith and conviction, that God within me expresses through me for good.

by Angela “Chris” Beam

1 thought on “LIVING INSIDE-OUT

  1. Thank you Rev. Mary so helpful in seeing how to separate the wheat from the shaft. How to stay aligned with Truth blessings Rose


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