Deep Calls Unto Deep

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner


“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

It was a peaceful, quiet morning; and like Brother Lawrence, I was lost in sacred daydreaming as I stood at my kitchen sink washing dishes. All of a sudden, I heard a bird screaming for help. Yes, I mean really screaming.

Although I had never heard that sound before, I immediately knew the little one was crying out to me. There was a Great Mystery within me that knew it was my responsibility to provide the help needed. My first assumption was the bird was outside. 

I followed the sound until I realized the little one was trapped inside the chimney of my house.  I then moved forward in action, doing what was mine to do. The issue was soon resolved and the bird, once more, was free to sing its song of life and I resumed my daydreaming as I continued with my morning chores. 

I began to imagine (using human terms) what the bird may have told its greater community. I imagined it saying things like, “I was so lucky; it was a miracle; an angel appeared; I felt the Presence; I heard the voice of God; my Redeemer lives,” and other sentiments in an effort to express the mystical experience.

As I continued my reverie of the events of the morning, the song “We Are the World” came to mind; particularly the line, “we’re saving our own lives.” I thought how easy it is to assume that another’s trouble has nothing to do with me (the bird is outside); while actually, it is part of my very own household. 

~~ ~ ~

I recall times in my life when I felt trapped, with no feasible way out of an issue, be it health, finances, relationships, or grief. Like the little bird, my heart exclaimed: There is good for me and I ought to have it!  Angels unaware rushed to my aid. Although they looked like ordinary people/or incidents, I now know, no matter what; it was always the presence of God answering my call. I now understand, all life is God Life.

~ ~ ~

As I contemplate the Omnipresence of Spirit, I realize that which call is also that which answers. There is a silent communication that takes place between all beings. I tell myself that the affinity, connection, empathy, and kinship felt for another are a sure indication of universal interdependence. It is the phenomenon that unifies us as one.  It is The Presence of God living INTHROUGH, and AS humanity. It is Holy Communion.

‘When Deep calls unto Deep…Deep Answers.’

This Weeks Affirmation

“Every day and in every way, I overflow with faith and trust in the truth of my being .”

Keith Childers

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