Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

The tradition of making resolutions at the beginning of the year has sometimes felt like a futile act of wishful thinking when I fail to see the fruits of my goals. With careful observation, I have noticed a pattern regarding this dilemma. 

I notice when my resolutions are promises to myself that require disciplines that I have never practiced, they are often abandoned early on, with no remembrance of my fervent vows.

Likewise, when my prayers are bargains, I make with God, in exchange for the things I desire; I have found myself reneging on my end of the deal.

I begin to feel the words of the Apostle Paul, saying, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” (Romans 7:15) 

I see that both resolutions and prayers are for the purpose of experiencing a more fulfilling life.   The results, be they positive or negative, are a reflection of my self-acceptance; i.e., if I truly feel worthy of the expanded good. 

Obviously, wishful thinking and negotiating with God are the evidence of former concepts about my relationship with the Divine.  I now know there is a Law of Mind that responds to the faith I have in my own words. This Law is sure to bring about the fuller life of my dreams. 

With this realization, I clearly see there are old beliefs, buried deep in my subconscious mind, still operating in my individual realm of ‘consciousness.  Is it possible, I ask myself, that these ‘hidden beliefs,’ that no longer represent my current thinking, have a tendency to neutralize the most noble ideals I envision for my life?

Ancient Wisdom assures me a fuller life is never withheld. It is the soul forever becoming its greater-yet-to-be. I remember the teachings. 

“What you decide on will be done, and light will shine on your ways.” (Job 22: 28 NIV). 
There is creative power in the decisions I make.

“The kingdom of heaven is within.” (Luke 17: 20, 21). 
I let words of beauty, harmony, wisdom, love, and joy permeate the thing I desire to manifest.

“It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12: 32)
The word of God flows, easily and effortlessly through me, establishing greater good on earth.

“All that the Father hath is Mine.” John 16:15
The Creative Mind of God and my mind are the same mind. God’s creative thoughts are my creative thoughts.

“There is a Power for Good in the Universe and I can use it.” ~ Ernest Holmes

I am now wide awake, seeking first the realm of goodness that exist within me right now. I pay attention to what I think, say and do. In so doing, I consciously and deliberately neutralize all limiting and sabotaging thoughts.   I announce, with authority, the high resolve of my inspired thoughts.

My resolutions for the coming year of 2021 are anchored in a consciousness that I am empowered by my own spiritual nature, to do what is mine to do, that brings about the good I desire for a greater expression of life. My prayers for 2021 are reflected in a world that works for everyone; a world of health, wealth, unity and love.  

I heed the teachings of Howard Thurman, and I “keep fresh before me the moments of my high resolve.” 

This Weeks Affirmation

Today I choose the direction as I step into my greater yet to be!
By Judy Hilley


  1. Thank you Rev. MARY for your words. They fuel my intentions for the new year and my committtment as we enter this new era we have entered. Blessings and Love Rose

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