Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

I have come to believe and realize: what I think about comes about; and, where my attention goes, energy flows. I have come to know that to the degree that I change my thinking, I change my life. While this is all basic Science of Mind, it is far-reaching in its implication.

These mental laws, being laws, are the same for absolutely everyone, without exception. When I consciously apply this Law of Mind, I take full responsibility for my life.  This endeavor takes place in the secret chambers of my own consciousness. What I love about this system of self-proclamation and expression is, I’m never locked in.  

My viewpoint, acting like a mirror, reflects the activity of my mind, and shows up as my experience.  My viewpoint is often based on what I have been previously taught and what I presently observe in the world. I now realize that when I am not pleased with what I see in the world, it is an opportunity for me to examine the role I played in the creation of the whole, and self-correct when appropriate. My objective is a world that works for everyone.

In an effort to self-correct, I may find myself going through a series of hit and miss. What I have come to know is this: while there are mental laws that determine what my world looks like according to my beliefs, there is a spiritual reality, called God that transcends all limiting ideas. God is the Source and First Cause of everything that exists, including mental and physical laws. This Divine Presence is constant and changeless. 

When I align my mental house with the nature of God, the source of my existence, I begin to express that which is my True Self. The signs that follow are Peace, Harmony, Love, Joy, Wisdom, and Abundance. These are symbols of divine life. They are the very essence of all living beings. 

It is written, “There is a right time for everything.   I use this precept as a premise when discerning the circumstances that I face in life. Believing everything” means “everything,” I conclude: all is in divine order. I am motivated to “do” what needs to be done by and through me to unleash even a greater expression of divinity. I choose to be healed instead of justifying my present thought patterns.

Life is always an upward spiral, always becoming more of itself, never less. This is the nature of evolution. In many ways my life is a work-in-process. I start out with an idea of how I express myself. I keep tweaking, fine-tuning, adding, and subtracting until I am satisfied; until I perceive my wholeness. 

The mirrors, symbols, and signs that provide me with what I need to know to become the best version of myself, are also my assurance that there is a Presence that is forever leading me and guiding me, and revealing to me that I am Its very own. And, what I know is true about me is true about everyone. 

The mirrors, symbols, and signs clearly indicate, for each one who agrees with my viewpoint, there is one who does not.  So once more I examine my mental house to determine what, if anything, needs tweaking. This time the criterion I place upon myself is for my beliefs to reflect a consciousness anchored in Truth Principles, assuring a world that works for everyone.  I consciously choose to live with fellow citizens in an atmosphere of “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” 

Oh my! What a beautiful vision.

This Weeks Affirmation

I affirm all is in Divine Order.
By Mary Jane LaBonte, RScP

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