GRACE: The Miracle of Forgiveness

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

“Grace is, but we need to recognize It. It is not something God imposed upon us, but is the logical result of the correct acceptance of life, and of a correct relationship to the Spirit.” 

The way Holmes describes “Grace” in the above quote, as well as all the quotes written here cause me to pause and think about the greater possibilities for my life, and for all life for that matter. I am reminded that everything I need for successful living is present right here, right now, today, in this moment.

~ ~ ~ ~

While, for the most part, it is easy to accept that the physical nature in which we are endowed provides us with the abilities to navigate in the world; there is not always equal confidence about the incorporeal, intangible, invisible aspects of one’s self. 

For example, while I may not even think about whether I deserve to have lungs, a digestive system, or a beating heart; I find I must consciously and deliberately tell myself (affirm) that peace, love, harmony, wisdom, and joy belong to me as well. Too often, there are thoughts swirling around in my mind that say I must somehow earn these particular attributes. If these thoughts go unchecked, all kinds of erroneous beliefs about reward and punishment follow. 

~ ~ ~ ~

“When, through intuition, faith finds its proper place under Divine Law, there are no limitations, and what are called miraculous results follow.”

Spirit, the Source and First Cause of all life, is forever imparting its nature throughout all creation.  With a consistent practice of affirming all aspects of our divine nature; we may soon witness a perfect alignment taking place between the physical and mental realms.   When one is anchored in this kind of consciousness, whatever is declared, announced, and affirmed, is fulfilled. Whatever it is! There are no exceptions or limitations. The acceptance of faith-filled words become Law. 

~ ~ ~ ~

“To the average person, when a result is obtained by this method of work, it looks as though a miracle has happened, but such is not the case. It is only a miracle as everything else in life is a miracle.” 

The average person is the one who is subject to beliefs that have been passed down through the ages, whether real, imagined, or completely false. One of the terms we use for this mental thought system is the “collective consensus,” or “race consciousness.”  However, as conscious beings, it is our job to rise above the law of averages and pierce the veil of illusion.

~ ~ ~ ~

Once one is awakened by the ever-flowing Grace (Divine Love) that saturates the entire being; the shadows and ghosts of yesterday’s mistakes, no matter how wretched, melt into nothingness.  In other words, the former things fall away; all is forgiven, and one may begin again. 

The principle undergirding the Law of Being, is ever-present and immediate. The truth is, principles are never bound by precedent. Each moment is a new beginning. 

Acceptance and expectancy are key in the practice of receiving this gift of God.

This Week’s Affirmation

“Right here and right now, I embrace myself with joy and acceptance loving ALL that I AM”

Keith Childers

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