Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner


This is a Universe of Wholeness, Allness, Oneness.  Spirit is a transcendent, perfect Whole that, in its Infinite inclusivity, harmoniously embraces all seeming opposites.
~ Core Concept Five, The Science of Mind ~

“Let’s go upstairs!” is the way the late Rev. Dr.  Homer Johnson often began each prayer. He was inviting us to move into a higher state of consciousness in order to see through the appearance of duality. 

Michelle Obama offers the following wisdom, saying, “When they go low, we go high.” Her words may remind us that we are always at choice regarding the direction of our attention. The “they” are not only the unenlightened “others” of our times, but they are the unenlightened thoughts within ourselves that, unintentionally, create the undesired circumstances of our lives.

Rising above the pairs of opposites such as good/evil; right/wrong; disease/health; peace/war; happy/sad; and ego/Christ, to name just a few, is not an easy task. It means being awake, alert, and aware; i.e., conscious beings in our comings and goings through this thing called life.

The opposites of the human experience are nothing more than points of view about what we see through our senses, the out-picturing of mental images.  They can be likened to two sides of a coin, unified in Oneness. To fight against them is much like shadow-boxing, because in reality, there’s nothing there of substance, a temporary thing, easily replaced with a higher idea about the person, place or thing being observed.

Be careful that this is not interpreted as a spiritual bypass; i.e., engaging in complacency or putting one’s head in the sand by denying the issues we are facing on the world stage –   individually, as a nation and globally.  The answer lies in discovering for one’s self, “what is mine to do?” 

Adhering to Holmes’ idea to be “for something” and “against nothing” is a beginning point that the enlightened and mystics of all time have agreed. This means taking an honest assessment of the true values, beliefs, and principles that govern your individual life; the ones that are the guideposts for your daily living.  

Otherwise, a consciousness of having to contend with an opposing force, keeps the undesired energy intact, resulting in the same scenarios repeating itself generation after generation. Albert Einstein reminds us that, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” 

The clearer one becomes in knowing what he or she is “for” and begins to think, speak, and act from that perspective, the sooner the veil of separation is lifted. Soon a community of conscious people (common unity) of all walks of life who have a vision for a world that works for everyone, begins to evolve. The great discovery of “what is mine to do” may very well reveal the unique talent, skill, and ability that are a reservoir of untapped potential within you that is ready to unleash peace on earth and good will towards all people.

This Weeks Affirmation

“I emanate peace and love.”

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