Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

I fretted, became frustrated, exhausted and finally, just plain spent. You see, even the most skilled IT Technician could not retrieve that Word Document I so desperately needed. It was lost forever. 

In the midst of feeling stuck in a cycle of self-blame and ridicule for not doing my part to save the precious text, I heard a still small voice within me say, “The same intelligence that flowed through you, creating that document, is still available.” Unconsciously I was being re-aligned with the Truth, the promise of freedom, the ability to begin again. The decision to accept the gift of letting go of the mistake and moving on, equated to self-forgiveness.

You would think I would immediately follow this divine guidance. It was my choice. Nonetheless, I continued to struggle, punishing myself a little longer. It was as if an opposing thought said, ‘self-forgiveness is for more serious issues, like the one shared by the woman who had been physically imprisoned for her mistakes.’ 

Limiting self-talk keeps us locked into what is already the past.

The woman, like me, heard the still small voice within her that promised a new beginning. Determined to create a new story of her life, she adhered to the divine guidance of this Inner Knower. While today she passionately disavows the behavior that once identified her; she nonetheless acknowledges her journey of awakening and moves forward.

Now awake, she is a conduit for healing.  She tells her clients,” You don’t have to experience what I have; I’ve already done all that for you.”  When her clients tell her of their troubling experiences; she says, “Thanks for doing that for me, now I do not have to experience the consequences you have encountered.”


The principle of forgiveness does not favor one condition over another. It simply dissolves the emotional energy of condemnation, shame or blame. The Self/giving-ness of Divine Love energizes the entire being with the wisdom to move forward, to begin again.  In many ways our self-forgiveness and ability to move forward support fellow travelers. It is another way of creating a world that works for everyone.

There is no “big” or “small” in the Infinite Mind of the Divine. Even the slightest condemnation of one’s self, and that of another, blocks the free-flowing energy of Spirit, causing emotional imprisonment and limits self-expression. 

The Self-giving-ness of the Divine One is Grace. It is the ever-flowing presence of healing Love.

John Newton, the converted slave trader of the 1700’s wrote: “How precious did that Grace appear the hour I first believed.”

Thank goodness for the practice of meditation and prayer. My realization was swift. The next day my creative juices were flowing again. The replacement document that I created was better than the first. And I saved it.

This Weeks Affirmation

Today I release the past and know perfect peace through the Grace of God.
by Judy Hilley 

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