Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

When I was a child, I took piano lessons for several years. As much as I admired other children my age who played the piano well, and hoped I would too; nonetheless, I never excelled. It seemed no amount of practice made a difference. While I certainly learned some fundamentals about music that will always be with me, there was no apparent talent there to play the piano. Year after year the frustration and embarrassment became harder to endure. Finally, my mother agreed with me, that it was time to let it go.

There are times when it is obvious that withdrawing from a particular situation is the wisest move one can make, because exerting additional energy would be in vain.  Coming to grips with what the highest good, or the best action to take in any given situation, is sometimes a process of surrender.  

The word “surrender” may trigger emotions that include feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and defeat, making it difficult to make that decision that is ultimately the highest good. It may suggest “giving up” what seemed like a good idea at the time.

Yes, there is a “giving up.” However, it is not a process born out of weakness. In fact, giving up the lesser for the greater is an action born out of strength and courage. What I am talking about here is giving up ideas of failure, fear, struggle, or disappointment that keeps us in bondage.  These ideas have a tendency to separate us from a greater expression of love, peace, harmony, and wholeness when focusing on our expectations regarding career, health, relationships or supply, or where ever personal fulfillment is our desire. I’m talking about the giving up the apparent struggle and accept the inevitable “way” of the greater power within us. 

Surrendering to the Higher Self, that Higher Power within ourselves opens us up to life in a greater way than ever before, and we become the instrument through which Divine Wisdom flows.

While all aspects of one’s self are spiritual (Spirit, Mind, and Body); there is that aspect that has never been touched or affected by the world of change. It is that part of ourselves that has never been hurt, harmed or disappointed; and in Its purity is the Perfect Guide for our lives. Acting as First Cause of our lives, It is unlimited in Its capacity to give Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy and Abundant Good.

Acquainting ourselves with this Divinity of ourselves is a journey of awakening spirituality. It is a progressive unfoldment of self-awareness. It is an ever-evolving consciousness of personal identification. At least that’s how I would describe it.

With child-like faith we may begin, at any time, to surrender beliefs of limitation and let this Spirit of Life permeate our entire being, guiding and directing every decision and choice that is ours to make; and every action that is ours to do.

When we surrender to the Divine Nature of the Presence of God, within us, we create a world that works for everyone.

This Week’s Affirmation

Today I freely release the struggles in my life.  I trust my Higher Self to make all things new, beautiful, and a blessing to the world.

by Judy Hilley

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