Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

“So God created mankind in his own image.”
~ Genesis 1:27 ~

~ ~ ~ ~

“Perfect God; Perfect Man; Perfect Being
~ Ernest Holmes ~

~ ~ ~ ~ 

 “Do you want to be made well?”
~ John 5:6 ~

I once encountered a young woman who asked me to pray for her that she may be healed of the physical condition that imprisoned her self-expression. I asked her how she imagined life would be for her when she was completely free of the disorder. She thought for a moment in an effort to sense into a mental equivalent of her desire. Soon she confessed how insecure she felt at the idea of giving up her monthly disability check.  ~  In the quietness of my Self, I asked myself: “What crutches are you willing to relinquish in order to be fully healed and made whole?”

Until one accepts the Full Grace that has been bestowed upon all humanity; there is the tendency to settle for trade-offs, substitutes, and temporary means, in order to simply survive. The idea of “having it all” becomes too much of a stretch. 

Although one may graciously respond to the words “Happy New Year” with a heartfelt “thank you;” there may be a tendency to enter 2022 settling for the ‘same old same old.’  On the other hand, the moment there is a vision of a more expanded life, we have begun to align ourselves with the Truth that sets us free.

~ ~ ~ ~

There was a time that I believed, ‘to be made whole or healed,’ meant a miraculous “fixing” of an unhealthy body.  I now realize that being whole or healed is having a revelation of one’s nature that encompasses, not only the physical body, but includes one’s mind, one’s emotions, and one’s affairs. Healing is the restoring, renewing, and resurrecting the awareness of the gifts of the Spirit that have always been there. It is rising above the cloud of misconceptions that suggest lack, limitation, fear, disease, and separation. Healing, or being made whole, is perceiving the Truth that sets us free from these things.

The miracle of healing, if one chooses that term, includes the intelligence of God that moves through doctors, scientists, and specialists in every field of endeavor; and through their particular study and research, bring back findings that support humanity in moving through the stumbling blocks one may encounter while being in the world.  Everyone’s process of healing reveals what was there all the time; otherwise, their efforts would be futile. In other words, all healing is spiritual healing.

~ ~~~

Expounding on the subject of healing, Ernest Holmes wrote, “We have no objection to any form of healing. Anything that will help overcome suffering must be good, whether it takes the form of a pill or of a prayer.” He continues, “We are glad when any one is healed or helped by any method. We believe in any and all methods and know that each has its place in the whole.” 

As the spiritual beings that we are, our inherent nature is already one that is whole, complete, and perfect…and this does not change. The Principles of Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, and Joy, to name a few qualities of our own inherent divinity, are infallible. They assure us of unity, harmony, guidance, sufficiency, and happiness in our lives.

An understanding and acceptance about this truth of who we are restores, renews, and resurrects anything, and everything, that may be perceived as broken. The Self-acceptance of the mighty “I AM” Principle, within us, heals. 

This Week’s Affirmation

“I have a perfect body, a brilliant mind, and a tranquil spirit.”


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