Multi-Dimensional SELF TALK

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

(REPOST) I notice whenever I am faced with the hardened facts of materiality, old thought patterns may cause me to perceive circumstances from a 3-dimensional point of view only; failing to include the 4th dimensional me which is Pure Consciousness, One with God. It is in this state of limitation, the false beliefs of the mental realm SEEM all-powerful.

I am self-challenged to reconcile the apparent xenophobia,
misogyny, and racism running rampant, with the ever-present All-ness of God, which is Love. 

I must constantly remind myself that when I say the word “God,” I am not referring to a Being outside of myself, lest I slip into a victim mindset, believing there is a power doing something TO ME1. A sure sign of this descent in consciousness is when I hear myself say something like: “Why does this always happen to me?” 

I use the word “God” interchangeably with words like: Spirit, Love-Intelligence, First Cause, and Divine Presence, to name a few.  This supports me in staying awake. 

An equally important reason that I remind myself that I am not referring to God as a Being ~ somewhere out there ~ is the possible misconception that when I use the Law of Mind in Action for the specific good I desire to see and say: “I control my thoughts and my life.” that I am doing something TO IT 2, like changing God’s mind; although it sure feels like it at times. 

It is through affirmative self-talk that I catch glimpses of Reality and begin to say, “It is not I, but God who does the work.”  I begin to feel and sense the Presence doing something THROUGH ME3.

When I consider, what is mine to do, my spiritual practice of affirmative prayer supports me in the clarity I seek. My every prayer affirms that God, the Divine Presence, is the only power there is. This conviction deepens my faith in Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience. To the degree that I remind myself of my oneness with Spirit; it is to that degree that I realize God AS ME 4. My self-talk affirms, “I AM.”

So, in my process of reconciling the appearance of hatred and fear in the world, while fully aware that God is all there is; I consider the Love, Law, and Action of Spirit. 

The attributes of the 4th-dimensional aspect of my being are greater than that which is in the world. However, I do not ignore the hardened facts of ignorance that are prevalent. Jesus did not; Buddha did not; Confucius did not; Martin Luther King Jr. did not; Malala Yousafzai did not; Nelson Mandala did not. 

The enlightened mystics of the ages acknowledge they are in the world, though not of it. They unleash their awakened state of Pure Consciousness. What they give is who they are. Their Self-giving-ness lifts the collective consciousness to a higher vibration of Self-Realization.  

I give what I am. I unleash the energy of Divine Love each time I let my words ignite the Immutable Law of Cause and Effect by affirming Light where there seems to be darkness; affirming Peace where there seems to be pain; affirming Joy where there seems to be sorrow.  I practice lowly listening to the still small voice within me and become exceedingly aware of the Action that is mine to do.

I believe when error thoughts are healed among the masses; like herd-immunity, the seeming lesser issues will spontaneously fade away. The unenlightened ego that believes it is the dominant factor, will lose its power, and the new and enlightened consciousness of Divine Self surfaces, knowing Itself as all.

1.  Four Stages of Consciousness by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith
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This Week’s Affirmation

Self-Talk is my body hearing everything that my mind says!

Keith Childers

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