CO-CREATION: “What” and “How”

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

“We are one. Everything in the universe is within you. Everything that you want, you already are.”
~ Rumi ~ 

“The spirit of God dwells in the inner man with power and might. The outer man reflects this Spirit insofar as the intellect allows it to come forth into expression.”
~ Ernest Holmes ~

“I determine to live the outer life in the inner sanctuary.”
~ Howard Thurman ~ 

“Let the natural creative process flow as you roll up your sleeves and allow your inner genius to show itself.
~ Reverend Scott Awbrey ~

There is a cosmic dance that is always taking place between the human and the divine. These two aspects of one’s life are forever giving and receiving creative energy. Learning the rhythm and trusting the flow of this way of being in the world is most effective when it is an intentional quest.

The human aspect of oneself imagines a myriad of “things” that represent happiness in the physical world. So, it stands to reason “what” we really want is happiness in the form of an object. This way we can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, and smell it.  The practice and art of visualization causes the thing you desire to become a mold through which the essence of happiness may flow.

The divine aspect of oneself; i.e., the presence of The Indwelling God (our highest idea of good) is really the happiness we are seeking to express.  Is it not the Love, Peace, Harmony, Wisdom, Beauty, Wholeness, and the Joy of God, showing up as the job, car, lover, vacation, home, or whatever, that we envision as ours? Otherwise, the person, place, or thing, without these qualities, is devoid of happiness. Practicing the art of Life Visioning provides an awareness of the essence of God flowing through all.

Once we acknowledge “what” it is we want to experience in the world, Divine Intelligence knows “how” to let it be so. In this state of unity, there is no need to beg, petition, plead, or bargain since we realize that it is our own inherent nature responding to itself; the seeming two are One Energy, dancing between the visible and the invisible. 

The philosophy of The Science of Mind tells us to be specific when praying. It suggests we state exactly what it is that our heart longs for. At the same time, we are cautioned not to outline or say how the blessing is to come about, otherwise we unintentionally place a limitation on that which has infinite possibilities

This whole premise is based on complete faith and trust in our relationship with the One. In other words, when “what” you desire is coupled with an awareness that the good you are seeking is already yours, you then move forward with confidence, affirming the Truth of your Being and letting the creative power of God that knows “how” … to flow in the direction of your dreams. 

And, so it is!

This Weeks Affirmation

I envision my desires for good, and Spirit brings them forth.”

Angela “Chris” Beam

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