Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

“I, Lord, went wandering like a strayed sheep, seeking Thee with anxious reasoning without, whilst Thou wast within me. I went round the streets and squares of the city seeking Thee; and I found Thee not, because in vain I sought without for Him who was within myself.” 
 ~ St. Augustine ~

“The Highest God and the Innermost God is One.”
~ Ernest Holmes ~ 

In the present moment there is sufficiency on earth, no matter what is going on in one’s personal life, or the collective experience of humanity. There are many appearances that would contradict this statement. Of course, it’s always a matter of one’s perspective and perception. 

When describing The Ineffable within our nature, I like describing It as that point of stillness within our hearts and minds that has never been hurt, harmed, or disappointed. I like affirming that It is the Presence and Principle of God that, being changeless, is always intact.

Ernest Holmes tells us to keep faith with reason. After all, we are human beings, or for sure having human experiences; and therefore, none are exempt from the slings and arrows of the outrageous fortunes, delivered at the hands of ignorance. In such cases, we are wise, of course, to seek professional care for any mental or physical trauma suffered. This supports us in aligning ourselves, once more, with the Ever-Present Divine that is forever whispering to our inner ear, “Lo, I AM with thee always, even to the ends of the earth.”

The I AM that speaks is that part of our identity that is indestructible. It is the Living Spirit Almighty that is the very center and circumference of our existence. When speaking of this One it may seem as if It is outside of ourselves. Actually, It is always I; the Great Mystery of human existence. It is the one and only “I“ that each one of us is. While it is true that one aspect is physical while the other is spiritual; nonetheless, The Presence is forever unified as one. Just as our eyes and our ears have different functions, they are nonetheless forever unified within the one body. God is the All, in all, as all.

~ ~ ~ ~

It is commonly known that with certain exercises we may cultivate and develop physical muscles that were otherwise unknown as us. These muscles provide us with the strength to attain such feats that were formerly out of our range of possibilities. Likewise, through spiritual practices and mental exercises, we may cultivate an awareness of our Greater Self, thus developing a state of mind that provides a Peace that passes human understanding regardless of any apparent circumstance. 

The more we cultivate an awareness of this Invisible Presence that walks with us, and talks with us, and calls us Its very own; the more we benefit from Its moment-by-moment Divine Guidance, Protection, and Its Healing Balm of Love.

This Higher Power is our Christ-nature. It is that divine potential that awaits our recognition. 

This is the Truth about every one of us. The great teacher, mystic Jesus was not an exception; rather, he was a living example of our innate divinity. We honor this great Way-Shower for proving, through the great works he did, the possibilities stretched before us. Christ, in each one of us, is our hope of glory. 

It’s no wonder we give gifts in celebration of the Love that we are.

This Week’s Affirmation

“I AM always present and alive in harmony and right action.”

by Keith Childers

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