Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

There are those who study the reliability of the universe. These scientists pass on their findings to whomever is open to receive them. Of course, the universe is too vast for scientists to study all the expressions of life with detailed attention, so they specialize their focus. 

While sciences vary, all Laws and Principles, the Infallible and Invisible Causes behind everything, are actually the One Presence, God, making Itself known throughout all nature.  All Life is The One Life expressing. 

Regular readers of this blog have no doubt noticed that I love talking about the Law or Science of Mind and how it works in the human experience.

I enjoy exploring the idea that I AM the image and likeness of God. In so doing, I discover there are infinite possibilities for the expression of good to flow through me. I prepare a way to receive these gifts of life by practicing my true nature in everything I think, say and do. I forgive myself quickly if I miss the mark, and simply begin again.  I enjoy passing on my findings to those who are open to receive the good news about this inherent nature.  After all, “It’s in every one of us.”

~ ~ ~ ~

There is a natural rhythm to everything that occurs in the universe. Sometimes this rhythm is obvious and other times it is obscured by circumstances. For example, although the sun rises and sets with mechanical precision; nonetheless, on a cloudy or foggy day, the overcast may be so great that reality is hidden from sight.  

However, no matter how long the darkness lasts, there is unwavering faith that sings: The sun’ll come out tomorrow ~ Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow ~ There’ll be sun.”

On a clear day, when the magnificence of the universe fills our awareness with its divine order, stunning beauty, and provision for every living thing, the soul of nature lifts it voice in universal praise, singing: “How Great Thou Art!”

~ ~ ~ ~

Similarly, there is a rhythm to individual life that operates in the microcosm exactly as it does in the macrocosm. Sometimes the perfection that each one of us is, is heavy laden with the conditions of living.

Unlike the sun, however, as self-conscious beings of choice, we have been “conditioned” to identify with what arises. Sometimes there is a tendency to claim the thing that is hiding the reality of who we really are, believing it is who we are. For example, one may say, “I am sick; I am poor; I am scared; I am lonely,” etc., etc., while all the time these conditions can be likened to the clouds and fog hiding the sun. They hide who we really are. 

However, with an insight of Wholeness, the whole picture may change in an instant. Ernest Holmes teaches, “Change your Thinking, Change Your Life. Paul of the Bible says, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Obviously, they both agree, along with many great thinkers throughout the ages, that there is a power for good at hand right now. It is the power of choice operating in the mental realm of our own being. You may begin singing, “Born Free.”

~ ~ ~ ~

There are individuals, right now, who may be heavy laden with physical conditions who never lose their sense of Self. While they do not deny the experience or the appearance of the circumstances; they navigate through them, embracing the wisdom of science that supports their physical healing. At the same time, these individuals unify and identify with the inner feelings of Light, Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance, the true nature of individual being. These individuals sing: “I Love Myself…Just the Way I AM.” 

This Week’s Affirmation

I know there is a power for good, which is the power of choice operating in the mental realm of my being.
By Mary Jane LaBonte, RScP

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