Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

I imagine, when evolution reached a point of self-consciousness within man, he felt a Presence and in response he uttered a sound in recognition of the All-Pervasive Feeling. 

The Universal Presence reveals Itself to man through his feeling nature.

I imagine each time man responded to this inner splendor he gained greater insight of himself and his surroundings, causing him to spontaneously evolve, becoming a greater experience/expression of himself.

Humanity is guided by an inner response to its recognition of this feeling of Oneness.

I imagine this exchange of humanity’s recognition of the Indwelling Presence, and the Still Small Voice of Spirit guiding humanity to their greater-yet-to-be, is the practice of prayer and meditation. 

Lest I slip into an image of an anthropomorphic 1 being, with unpredictable mood swings, punishing me for the slightest slip-up, I imagine God is the Creative Word and Healing Love; a Divine Energy flowing in, through and as absolutely everything, without exception.  I imagine this Eternal One is that which unites humanity as One.

When I read the words, You shall have no other Gods but me;” 2  I imagine this statement is telling me that God is the essence of my very own being. I need not look outside myself. 

The Presence and I are inseparably One.

The word “God” ignites an emotional response within me, causing me to contemplate my highest idea of good by considering corresponding words such as: Creator, Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy, Wisdom, Wholeness, Abundance, Power, Beauty and Intelligence. By naming these unchanging verities of life I begin to realize the word “God” is the ultimate idea of Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence. 

God is truly a Divine Idea!

Too often my ever-evolving ego ignores the still small voice 3 and runs full speed, filling every hour with activities that have their own sounds, their own opinions and their own motives, drowning out the word of God within me.  

Left alone to my own devices, I have a tendency to manifest people, places and things in my life based on false beliefs and judgments carried forward from the past.  When left unchecked, the emotional reaction to these apparent conditions, may be physically debilitating, mentally draining causing anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, and guilt. 

However, as a result of a consistent practice of affirmative prayer and meditation throughout the years, I notice that my time spent in this far-country is less and less. I rise up in a consciousness of Truth remembering that within me is a Guiding Light, the Word of God, that frees me from all sense of “otherness.” 

I sit in the silence of my own being until I am once more self-emptied of limited beliefs and I become God- filled with the unlimited potential of Peace and Love. I feel the Presence. I utter a sound, a word of recognition

I am divinely guided by this inner voice. I meditate and I pray.

When I pray, desiring a greater experience of good in my world as well as a world that works for everyone, I imagine the activity of Divine Wisdom and the Unifying Power of Love. I imagine Divine Inspiration is a Guiding Force, causing humanity to spontaneously evolve into a collective consciousness that yields the highest good for everyone; not only in our beloved country, but for world citizens everywhere.  

I imagine, my word. in alignment with the nature of God, spoken with unwavering faith, becomes my world.

This Weeks Affirmation

God is the Divine Idea of a World That Works for Everyone.
By Mary Jane LaBonte, RScP

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