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The words we hear ignite certain feelings that create images in the mind. When left alone, these feelings and images evolve slowly or quickly into the physical realm. The invisible feelings, emotions and images of the mind become visible depending upon their intensity.  These mental impressions are forerunners to “the word”; i.e., a single distinct … Continue reading GRACE


There are those who study the reliability of the universe. These scientists pass on their findings to whomever is open to receive them. Of course, the universe is too vast for scientists to study all the expressions of life with detailed attention, so they specialize their focus.  While sciences vary, all Laws and Principles, the … Continue reading SING YOUR SONG


Early on in my personal pursuit of Truth and Happiness, I stumbled upon The Science of Mind and began to learn about my relationship with Divine Mind. I read somewhere that we (humans) do not “think.” We think that we think, while all the time there is Something thinking through us. This concept was nothing … Continue reading THE BIG IDEA!


Me and a friend were talking about the spirituality of gardening. The conversation began with us both acknowledging that the vegetables she is now growing were comfort foods in our youth.  She showed me pictures of the growth process.  In this nostalgic mood, I remember my mother having a vegetable garden in the back yard. … Continue reading COMFORT FOOD


“Ask and you shall receive; knock and the door shall be opened.”Matthew 7:7 “Man has the ability to choose what he will do with his life, and is unified with a Law which automatically produces his choice.”~ Ernest Holmes ~ “While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences … Continue reading THE POWER of CHOICE


Learning to surrender to the IS-Ness of Life is an essential spiritual practice. Much like forgiveness, it is not a one-time discipline. It must be done over and over again. Recently I reminded myself that it was time for me to surrender again to God’s will. Actually, I’ve had some resistance to the phrase, “surrender … Continue reading ACCEPTING WHAT IS

The Ideal: TRUTH

In spite of the struggle humanity is currently moving through; I am, nonetheless, awe-inspired by the unconstrained beauty that springtime yields. Over and over, I am called to reconcile my awareness of God’s magnificence all around, juxtaposed to the pain and suffering I see in the world.  I allow myself to move into the higher … Continue reading The Ideal: TRUTH


Can you look evil or tragedy in the eye and announce your faith, a faith that says Peace, Love and Harmony are the only Reality; that any so-called evil is “false evidence appearing real?” Can you do this without any resistance to the experience itself, knowing that “what you resist persists?”  In other words, have … Continue reading THE POWER WITHIN

Express Your SELF

“The highest God and the innermost God is One God.” ~ Ernest Holmes ~ The Principle of Being, as affirmed in the above quote, has been said in many ways. Mystics of every era have understood it; sacred books of the world have written about it; and devotees of all time have “caught it. “ … Continue reading Express Your SELF


Artificial Intelligence (AI) speaks to the phenomenal advancement humanity has made through the science of technology.  For example, I have easy access to information on any subject by simply entering a key word into my computer’s web browser. I may connect with people I have not seen in many years. I may play games, read … Continue reading LIVING INSIDE-OUT


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” The entire month of February teaches me the divine dance between these two aspects of my nature.  One aspect is Invisible. It is the Source of my visible self, The Lead. It is The … Continue reading DANCE LESSONS


I remember how exciting it was to experience my first luxury cruise. Late one night I wandered up to the top deck of the ship. I had never seen a darker night. It was pitch black except for the stars above, and perhaps moonlight. I was in awe. It was like being in the womb … Continue reading BREAKTHROUGH


Ever since I began conducting classes in the study of the Science of Mind, there has always been at least one student who exclaims, “Oh, how I wish I had known this years ago!” Conversely, there are others who have said, “I have always thought this way, I just didn’t know there were others who … Continue reading I SET THE TONE


In the midst of apparent suffering in the world, I read an article that says: “during the upcoming winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn are lining up to create an incredibly bright star of wonder, or what is known as the “Christmas Star” or “Star of Bethlehem.”1 It goes on to say that this particular occurrence … Continue reading REFLECTIONS OF LIGHT


The ancient wisdom of the philosopher, Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” As a student of mental science and the spiritual principles that govern it, from time to time I find myself re-examining my concepts of the nature of being.   My consistent effort is to break through the collective consensus regarding … Continue reading AN INQUIRY INTO TRUTH


For several years now, Thanksgiving Day has looked a lot different for me than it did in former years. What I notice is, while it keeps changing, the Presence of Love is always present.  Wherever I am the fullness of God’s love shows up.  I am thankful for the awareness of the Presence of Love … Continue reading THANKSGIVING DAY!


What I notice is, anytime I am inattentive, it’s like sleepwalking. My body shows up in the present moment, but not my mind.  In this absent-minded state of consciousness, I may be influenced by opinions and ever-changing facts. In such moments I am highly susceptible to mistaking the false for the real. At such times, … Continue reading PRESENT MOMENT POWER


Be it a child’s game, a health challenge, the state of the country, or, everything in between; the faith factor is always being activated. The outcome is always according to our belief. The childhood game, Hide-and-Seek, was a favorite of mine.  I was super confident that I would always find my playmates in their favorite … Continue reading FAITH


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