Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

(REPOST) Me and a friend were talking about the spirituality of gardening. The conversation began with us both acknowledging that the vegetables she is now growing were comfort foods in our youth.  She showed me pictures of the growth process. 

In this nostalgic mood, I remember my mother having a vegetable garden in the back yard. And, I remember the front yard being filled to overflowing with petunias of every color. I also recall a class project in grade school that taught the basic relationship between the seed, the soil, and the plant. Therefore, when I first heard this analogy used in The Science of Mind to describe how thoughts become things, it was easy to accept the concept.  Through practice, trial and error, and experience, it is more apparent than ever before the far-reaching implication of the creative process.  

I begin to imagine planet earth swirling through space, carrying within itself an energy field capable of feeding all of its inhabitants throughout all time. ‘Just think’, I tell myself, ‘Beneath the surface of the ground there is a vibrating, pulsating mystery, that yields everything needed to sustain and maintain a healthy body.’ Mother Earth is never exhausted or depleted of its nature to create that which nourishes. She always leaves behind a seed within every plant, guaranteeing a future gift of the same kind. Its givenness is endless, not only providing food for our bodies. It provides beauty for our soul’s delight. 

While I found comfort in the tasty food that my mother cooked to perfection with a lot of love; this miracle of unlimited supply may be overlooked or taken for granted when I do not plant the seeds and observe the growth process for myself. Or, when I am not consciously aware of God’s goodness ever available. My limited vision of Truth may see no further than the farmer’s delivery to the super market where I may select a fresh, frozen or canned version of my “daily bread.” Sometimes the store is “sold out.”

~ ~ ~ ~

The great teacher, Jesus, came along and told us: “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.” (John 4:32 NIV) I believe what he is sharing here is his discovery that not only are our bodies provided everything it needs to live successfully on the planet; our minds, likewise, are provided all that brings about satisfaction and fulfillment ~ all that brings great comfort. 

I imagine an energy field that surrounds all the inhabitants of the earth. I imagine this Light moving in, below, above and through every living being. I imagine this Life Force as a vibrating, pulsating mystery, that yields everything needed to sustain and maintain a healthy mind.   I imagine the “food” Jesus references is a perfect metaphor for the abundant and inexhaustible supply of Peace, Harmony, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Order, Beauty, and Wholeness that are ever-present. These qualities may be likened to seeds that may be planted in our thoughts about the things we desire in life; i.e., health, relationships, careers, finances and more. 

I believe this food for thought that is the very essence of Life Itself is the Great Comforter. It may be easy to ignore this phenomenon, this miracle, this divine connection that provides for every living being when I limit my vision of Truth to the opinions of others, experiencing that which is the result of the seeds another has planted.  I must plant my own garden, realizing that I reap what I sow. It is Law.

This Week’s Affirmation

“Opportunities are all around me.”

Save The Date

~ an afternoon of fellowship and celebration ~ 

December 10, 2022
12:00 to 3:00 PM

Centerville Community Center
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