Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

In the movie, Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino plays the role of a complicated alcoholic, whose young assistant for a week-end excursion suggests that he does not drink for those few days. His reply was (paraphrased) “sorry my boy, that’s just too much of a stretch for now.”

~ ~ ~ ~

For many years I smoked cigarettes. The more I learned about my True Self, the habit made less and less sense. It became clear to me that dependency on anything outside of myself was a false idea about my nature.  I began affirming the Truth about my inner source of peace and well-being, as I continued to smoke. After all, to simply quit was too much of a stretch

One day, who knows how long after I started the practice of spiritual affirmations, the cigarette I tried to smoke was intolerable. I was no longer a smoker. It appeared to be in an instant, “out of the blue,”  or “cold turkey” as they say, because there was no evidence of an outer process. 

~ ~ ~ ~

The idea that there is a power for good in the universe and you can use it, is the foundation stone that may build a whole new world for you and for me. The idea is a good one.  However, when it comes to actually believing, accepting, and activating this power for the purpose of manifesting one’s highest good; the proposition may seem easier said than done. It may be too much of a stretch.

Nonetheless, regardless of the individual’s lack of awareness or her conscious use of this Law of Mind; It is always working with mechanical precision according to the flow of the thought patterns that are established over time.

~ ~ ~ ~

No matter how resigned one may become with what seems like unsurmountable conditions; according to Emma Curtis Hopkins, there is an intuitive knowing within all beings that asserts, “There’s good for me and I ought to have it.”   

I imagine that the people who were targets of slavery in this country, consistently envisioned a life of freedom. I imagine they affirmed their divinity, the image and likeness of God, even as they succumbed to the ignominy visited upon them. 

I imagine all this to be so because of the Infallible Law/or Principle/or Power for good as it relates to the activity of Divine Mind operating throughout all humanity.  This Perfect Law of Cause and Effect supersedes man’s laws that are fallible, subject to change and error.

~ ~ ~ ~

Knowingly or unknowingly, the issues of our hearts always come to fruition. And, just like one day I was no longer a smoker; one day, man’s laws succumbed to the collective consciousness of the people’s affirmation that freedom was their divine inheritance and therefore, inevitable. 

Sometimes, the issue at hand seems like too much of a stretch to overcome in the moment. However, remember, there are spiritual tools such as affirmations, journaling, inspirational readings, spiritual gatherings, meditation, walking the labyrinth, and more that support you in stretching from where you are to where you desire.

Just trust and expect the desired good to follow. Goethe said, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has geniuspower, and magic in it.”  

This Week’s Affirmation

Today I raise my expectations and claim my highest good.
By Judy Hilley


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