Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

Learning to surrender to the IS-Ness of Life is an essential spiritual practice. Much like forgiveness, it is not a one-time discipline. It must be done over and over again. Recently I reminded myself that it was time for me to surrender again to God’s will.

Actually, I’ve had some resistance to the phrase, “surrender to God’s will.” The term seems so “yesterday thinking” suggesting that God is a Power outside of myself and that I must give up my personal power of choice.   Yet, my Higher Self (God within me) knows that my “today thinking” understands what “God’s will” really means.  I must remind myself over and over what I know to be so.

I’ve come to understand that God’s will and God’s nature are one and the same. When I think about what God is, I sense The All-Pervasive Presence is the very essence of the intangible qualities that are the core of everything that denotes good. It stands to reason that God, the Great Creative Force of the Universe, being the only thing there is, can only impart Itself, Its own nature, because there is nothing else.  God’s Will, I reason within my own mind, can be nothing short of Its nature of Love, Beauty, Harmony, Joy, Wholeness, Unity, Peace, Wisdom, etc.

When we are no longer constrained by our own self-imposed littleness, and surrender to the will of goodness, we are able to move through, over, or around what used to seem like a difficult situation. Instead of seeing how low you can go, you start to see how high you can go. We can say good-bye to hitting bottom over and over again. 

Years ago, when I began my journey of awakening, my spiritual community encouraged me saying, “the sky is the limit.” Their message was: challenges are successfully met to the degree we accept and activate our true nature, our oneness with God.

The moment we begin to see a greater possibility for our lives our spiritual bar is raised, our expectations are elevated; our consciousness is expanded. We actually start to become the good we seek.

From this perspective I realize it is always God’s will or God’s nature that I desire when I pray about the experiences of my life. Of course, the great realization is: God being the All in all means God is already in the midst of all my affairs. It is up to me to stop struggling with my limited perceptions of life and simply accept or let God be God as the thing I desire to experience. I must surrender to God’s will… God’s nature.

Whenever I practice surrendering to Nature’s Way, I notice I am less rigid and less controlling about how things must look, sound or be expressed in order for them to be authentic.

Whether I say “I accept what is” or say “I surrender to God’s will,” I ignite the same vibration of my inevitable Wholeness. 

This Week’s Affirmation

“I surrender my will today, in this moment, to welcome all that God has for me.”
~ Anonymous ~

2 thoughts on “ACCEPTING WHAT IS

  1. God’s wisdom expressing thru you is limitless. LEach blog reveals a greater awareness of truth and oneness. Surrendering . . . such a wondrous state of being. Thank you Rev. Mary!


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