A Doorway to the Infinite

Reimagine THE WORD/ Reimagine THE WORLD

I imagine, when evolution reached a point of self-consciousness within man, he felt a Presence and in response he uttered a sound in recognition of the All-Pervasive Feeling.  The Universal Presence reveals Itself to man through his feeling nature. I imagine each time man responded to this inner splendor he gained greater insight of himself … Continue reading Reimagine THE WORD/ Reimagine THE WORLD


I fretted, became frustrated, exhausted and finally, just plain spent. You see, even the most skilled IT Technician could not retrieve that Word Document I so desperately needed. It was lost forever.  In the midst of feeling stuck in a cycle of self-blame and ridicule for not doing my part to save the precious text, I heard … Continue reading FOR PEACE SAKE


It is clear to me that a reaction of fear, morbidity, and ain’t it awful in response to the facts about the global experience of Covid19 does not serve my intention to move through this “time” with ease and grace.  I am also clear that my peaceful attitude does not exempt me from experiencing deep … Continue reading PONDER

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