StillPoint Spiritual Center is an Education Ministry.

StillPoint is established to support people on their spiritual path by using the resources of the revelations of religion, the principles of science and the opinions of philosophy.

The objective of StillPoint is to teach, not preach.  Therefore, the student is free to follow his/her chosen path, free of any persuasion, and yet fully equipped with tools for successful living today.

Our objective is to usher you to StillPoint –  the spiritual center within you.  StillPoint is your source of inspiration.

It is here the greater possibilities for your life are revealed, to the end that you may enjoy the world around you more fully.  We will guide you to your Higher Power.  We will offer classes to educate you.  We will facilitate workshops and retreats so you may test the tools we provide you.  We will suggest books and make them available to you.   We will encourage you to worship, praise, celebrate, serve and acknowledge Truth in the church, temple, mosque, ashram or center of your choice.  We will support you through prayer and spiritual counseling.

THE MONTHLY GATHERING is a time when like-minded people come together for open dialogue about spiritual principles from a metaphysical perspective.

A safe place is… learn more.