Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

When I began to “catch” the idea that the nature of God is one of Abundance forever expanding, it occurred to me that an unlimited supply of everything is available moment by moment, right here and right now. After all, The Source of all life is Self-Giving, the very essence of Divine Love.  

I remember the first time I tested the Principle of Infinite Supply. It was Christmastime and I was financially depleted. I saw no possible way to provide my young family with all that I wanted us to experience during the season. 

Although I was a novice when it came to Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer); nonetheless, I began to reason that I was indeed worthy of my desired good right here and right now.  I began to envision God as Omnipresent Love, a Provider of all things, and never limited by time and space. 

Soon. I began to feel the shift in consciousness. I began to imagine the celebration of Christmas in our home. While I was still basking in the idea, my doorbell rang. My blessing was delivered exactly as I imagined, right down to the minutest detail. 

I learned much from that first “conscious demonstration” of Divine Principle. I became a better steward of my finances as I practiced specific laws of prosperity, always keeping the channels wide open for the giving and receiving of infinite supply.

Several years later, while walking home after doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, I began doing a check-list in my mind to see if I missed anything.  It seemed I had not. In fact, I actually had money left over. I remember saying to myself, “oh my, I now have more than I need.” 

In that self-same moment I felt a tug at my purse that was hanging from my shoulder. By the time I turned around, my old idea of living on the edge was fulfilled. The thief was nearly out of sight, running with my nice leather purse swinging in the air. Yes, ideas of lack and limitation rob us of the infinite supply of the here and now good that is ever present. The following adage became crystal clear to me: “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them” (Matthew 25:29). 

I now know that the Spiritual Law of Mind, like all laws of nature is neutral, impartial, and never a respecter of person. The fruits (or evidence) of The Law always show up in perfect proportion to my  faith; or what I believe I deserve. The Law of Mind is the Invisible Cause behind all that is seen or experienced. It is immediate in its action.

I now realize that the Law of Mind is propelled by the Love of God desiring self-expression through me. Robert Browning said, “All’s love, yet all’s law.”  Ernest Holmes taught, “Love points the way, and the Law makes the way possible.” Jesus said, “I Am the way, the Truth and the Light.” These concepts of both New Thought and Ancient Wisdom empower me. They cause me to acknowledge my unique relationship with The Divine. 

Currently, there is much talk about a new normal. I now know it is to the degree that I let go of the former beliefs in limitation, and to the degree that I provide a space in consciousness through which the Self-Giving-ness of Divine Love may be realized, that:  health, wealth, love, peace and harmony become a normal way of life, right here and right now ~ for all people of the planet.

This Week’s Affirmation

Love is the essence of who I am.  My desired good cannot help but come to fruition in my experience as I believe.

By Angela “Chris” Beam

Express Your SELF

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

“The highest God and the innermost God is One God.”
~ Ernest Holmes ~

The Principle of Being, as affirmed in the above quote, has been said in many ways. Mystics of every era have understood it; sacred books of the world have written about it; and devotees of all time have “caught it. “

Grasping the far-reaching concept that ‘I am the image and likeness of God,’ requires that I first grasp the concept of the three-fold nature of God; i.e., Spirit: The Absolute Essence of all that is. Soul: The Creative Medium. Body: All objective manifestations of the invisible Principle of Life.

~ ~ ~

In the early days of my exploration of the Science of Mind I gave myself Mental Treatments for the purpose of manifesting the things I longed for.  Very often, the evidence of those things hoped for had a short lifespan, since, like a reflection in a mirror, they had no real-life substance. They became the proverbial “things that moth and rust destroy.” 

I soon realized I had it backwards. It was not clear to me at the time that I could only demonstrate (show forth) that which I already have. I began to see that it was the feeling of divine goodness, within me, that I was seeking to express. Emma Curtis Hopkins teaches that all of creation is aroused by that feeling that affirms, “There’s good for me and I ought to have it.”

I now know, the money I desired represented my inherent nature of Freedom. Health represented my birthright of Wholeness. Fulfilling relationships represented the Love that I am. The home and car I desired represented the Beauty and Joy inside me. Like every artist, there was a deep longing to unleash the inner splendor that was felt. Early on, I did not know that I was the creative artist that I am.  

~ ~ ~

We believe that heaven is within us, and that we experience It to the degree that we become conscious of It.”

~ Ernest Holmes ~

~ ~ ~

Now that I have gained some measure of spiritual maturity, my self-awareness ignites the Creative Medium within me. I give myself a Spiritual Mind Treatment so I may consciously demonstrate the presence of God in me ~ the very essence of who I am. The Freedom, Abundance, Peace, and Harmony I feel within me, are realities right now. I affirm this is so and I allow these divine qualities to express as a world that works for everyone. I affirm a world where each and every person has enough food, a home and a sense of belonging. I declare they now manifest as enfranchisement and justice.  

I now realize, whenever I seek first the kingdom of God within me, and affirm Its Presence as the specific thing I desire to experience, the Creative Process begins. The Spirit of God, in me, as me actually becomes the objective manifestations in the world according to my word of Truth.

In other words, I am the image and likeness of God, fully imbued with divine attributes. I express these qualities as the people places and things I experience. I AM the realization of Perfect God, Perfect Humanity, Perfect Manifestations. 

I go forth in confidence, doing that which is mine to do.

This Week’s Affirmation  

Today I focus my self-expression on Truth and know all my desires are realized by simply allowing.

By Judy Hilley


Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

In 1984, I resigned my job of 29 years; said good-bye to friends and family; and, with great aspirations and expectations, moved from Cleveland, OH, my home since birth, to Los Angeles, CA.  My sole purpose for this major move was, to surround myself with those who would support my further growth in spiritual understanding, to the end that I would eventually support others on their path.  However noble these undertakings were; nonetheless, my faith and conviction were challenged as I moved forward in this endeavor. 

The mind chatter that taunted me went something like, “if it doesn’t work out, you can always…;” while another aspect of myself, affirmed, “The Presence of Perfection, Love, and Wisdom guides the direction of my life.” This inner conflict between old thought patterns and my conscious awareness continued until there was no longer any power given to thoughts of limitation. 

I have discovered and proved, to myself, that whenever I am awake and aware of my true nature, my self-talk shifts from “prepare for the worse and hope for the best” to describing “the best-case scenario.”  I notice that whenever I am determined to stay awake and anchored in truth principles, the vision that pulls me is always greater than the shadows that taunt me. 

I am called time and time again to wrestle the angel of light until I see through the fog of erroneous beliefs and once again gain the clarity of a clear day. The philosophy of the Science of Mind has taught me that while I may not be responsible for what is happening in the world, I am, however, responsible for my response to world events.  Not only am I called to embrace the high prerogative of spiritual insight, but I am called to act upon that which I know is mine to do.

Rising above the shadows of homelessness; the shadows of hunger and starvation; the shadows of poverty; the shadows of sickness, disease and death; and the shadows of hatred and bigotry require the strength and courage to acknowledge that, yes, I walk among the shadows of the world; and, at the same time, I do not perpetuate and give substance to them by considering the worst-case scenario. Instead, I affirm God’s Wholeness and Sufficiency impart peace on earth and good will toward all beings. 

In other words, I envision a world that works for everyone. Then I contemplate that which is mine to do.

Although, “just like Martin, I have a dream; and just like Gandhi I want peace; and just like Mother Theresa I want love; 1 the songstress goes on to pray for our courage to rise above.  For me, rising above means piercing the veil of materiality, and through the portal of meditation, hang out in the realm of the enlightened ones until I, too, may bring back to earth-consciousness a gift that supports all of humanity. 

This Week’s Affirmation

“There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.” 

By Amanda Gorman


Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

It was like a dream. There I was, sitting on the edge of a cliff with legs dangling over, gazing at the ocean that stretched before me. It was mesmerizing.  And, “just think,” I told myself, “this awesome scene is less than a five-minute walk from my front door.”

My thoughts continued to drift to the surface of my consciousness, saying, “this is a long way from Ensign Avenue.” Ensign Avenue is the street where I resided the first 12 years of my life. A child does a lot of imagining in their first 12 years, or at least I did. 

I unconsciously gave Creative Mind a very
clear picture of what I imagined for my life.

I was in the first or second grade when I read, “If I Were Going.” I traveled to different countries and learned about other cultures through the pages of this primer. My young mind carved lasting impressions about a more expanded world; one far beyond the short block that made up Ensign Avenue.

My best friend and I spent our summer days playing “house;” playing “school;” and playing “office.”  The only unspoken rule for these games was to use our imagination and “act out” those unlimited possibilities. Now, as I reflect back to those days; I clearly see how certain values and beliefs were established about family, education and career during this play time.

Unconscious opinions, beliefs and expectations,
both positive and negative, were born.

Death, dying, war, peace, sickness, accidents and the Cleveland Indians winning the world series 😊 were all part of my formative years. All this took place while under the influence of parents who were part of the great migration of the early 1900’s; a time when many African Americans fled the deep south and moved north, seeking the warmth of other suns.” 1

It was my last year on Ensign Avenue when everything changed.  Most of all I remember my best friend’s birthday party. I was not invited. She and I acknowledged we would go to different schools in the fall, even though we lived on the same street.  We never spoke about why this was happening, although we knew.  The thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the imaginings of people, long before either of us were born, had a direct impact on our lives. We inherited those tendencies. We suppressed them.

If this is my day of harvest, in what fields have I sowed the seed
and in what unremembered seasons 2

That which I identify as “this present moment” has shown up in different guises. Sometimes the present moment is clothed in nature’s beauty and love. Sometimes “the present moment” looks like storms of fear and doubt. Sometimes “the present moment” appears as a geographic change.  Whatever my experience, it is the movement in consciousness, made manifest as the eternal now, expressing as I believed it would.  

I put away childish things.3

Ensign Avenue is my metaphor for a state of consciousness that is unaware of its own power of thoughts, feelings, and imaginings. In its innocence it embraces whatever comes to mind. It plays the same game tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.  

I now know The Creative Law of Mind does not make distinctions between race, age or gender, any more than it does the past, present or future. It simply responds to that which is believed and deeply felt.

I now consciously direct the energy of my intentions by letting my words, silent and audible, match my soul’s sincere desire. I have moved a long way from Ensign Avenue. 

This Week’s Affirmation

I am one with Spirit.  I direct the Law of Creative Mind to manifest my desired experience for good, ignited by my faith and emotion.

By Angela “Chris” Beam


Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

One of the many things that I love about the philosophy of the Science of Mind is, it is a teaching of how to think, not what to think.  The whole premise is, as creatures of thought, we are always thinking; and as a result, our thoughts are forever manifesting as our experiences. The more proficient we become in the “how to” the more fulfilled we become with the “what is.”

As I reminisce about these familiar ideas, I am reminded that the individual power contained in these simple – yet profound concepts have always been known. Ancient wisdom concurs with the point being made here. 

For example, …. things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. 1 tells us there is an invisible cause behind every apparent condition. The Cause as evidenced by the Cosmos or Macrocosm, is the consciousness of the Creator and Source of All.   The “cause” as evidenced by the myriad of conditions or microcosm, is the individual consciousness and/or the collective belief of humanity. 

The Hermetic teachings simplified the principle by saying, “as within, so without.” On the one hand the SOM recognizes that “what” you think is yours alone to choose; and at the same time, it teaches that it is your beliefs (your thinking) that is the substance out of which your experiences are created. Therefore, Holmes says, “change your thinking – change your life.”

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. 2 These words suggest that I, experience myself, according to what I believe about who I am, as evidenced by the conditions in my life. 

What I hear from these wise ones is: What we think about is the specific thing we desire to experience in life; i.e., health, wealth, wisdom, love, joy showing up as our bodies, our finances, our relationships, and our careers, etc.  The effective way to think about these things, or How, is to realize your true nature expressing as those things. Your true nature is the image and likeness of God, The Source. Your nature is health, wealth, wisdom, love, joy. Jesus explained “the how” when saying: Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and these things will be added unto you. 3

As a serious seeker of Truth, I have found that it is not enough for me to agree that the inherent nature of all things is spiritual; created out of an invisible cause. It is not enough for me to agree that any apparent condition to the contrary, is a false belief manifesting.  

Like all sciences, a theory lies dormant until it is successfully proven, just like faith without works is dead. 4 In my awakened state of consciousness, I test my belief by rising above any negative situation I may be experiencing. I consciously apply Principles of Truth.

Albert Einstein tells us, We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  With that said, I tell myself, no matter what words I may voice/or say regarding any adverse situation I may face; it is my thinking, more specifically, my belief, that must be changed. When that happens, my words will be the law that brings about new conditions. 

While diving deeply into my True Self, I somehow know that my action contributes to the consciousness of humanity. 

This Weeks Affirmation

“My thought is a law of creative action known as life.”

By Keith Childers